Our mission is to provide an unparalleled service experience to our customers. Whether you need custom or bulk oil, private label, or product development support, we want to be your preferred cannabis manufacturing partner.

Our clients have access to state of the art extraction and processing equipment. We provide the ability to accomplish more with less effort with our team of industry experts, affordable pricing, and infrastructure leasing with zero manufacturing tax. We are 100% compliant with CA regulations and our top-notch team upholds strict SOP’s and values to produce clean, trustworthy product, every time.  Our focus lies in quality and compliance at every level.”

At The Plant we provide a full spectrum of services, including: 


Contract Manufacturing

We built our facility with flexibility and room to grow to support a variety of contract manufacturing services.

Capsules / Micro Tablets

Powder / Powder Beverage



Our focus is on building relationships with our clients and determining the best ways we can support their manufacturing needs. We’ve already invested in equipment for the supplements and topicals markets, including blending, granulation, infusion and encapsulation and are excited to grow with our clients.

Our talented Product Development team paired with our contract manufacturing capabilities sets us apart from the competition.


Raw Material Processing / Bulk Oil

Whether you bring us your own raw material or utilize our in-house sourcing, we are happy to help you process the cannabis to suit your needs.

Winterized Oil

White / Private Label


Crude / Rosin

We offer clients access to our brand-new state-of-the-art equipment including Rosin Press (the only truly solvent-less extraction), Ethanol and Hydrocarbon.

We were granted one of the first annual Type 7 licenses in the state and our custom-built equipment allows us to offer competitive pricing for both bulk oil processing and customized end-products.



We are excited to assist our customers with their unique procurement needs, whether you need help finding the right genetics or want to tap into the benefits of our lower cost on-site cultivation.

We go above and beyond to ensure that every raw material procured complies with the strictest regulatory standards. We don’t limit ourselves to just cannabis sourcing, let us help you with all of your raw material sourcing needs.

Our professional and relationship centric approach allows us to build long term agreements at the best prices and distinguishes us from the competition.


Product Development

Our exceptional product development team is well rounded, professional and innovative.

We’ve put together a strong and unique team that pulls a wealth of knowledge and experience from different CPG industries from wine and food to cannabis. We enjoy thinking outside the box to bring creative solutions to your product development challenges.

We can help you throughout the entire product development process, including ideation to benchtop development, regulatory compliance, packaging and label development, scaleup testing and full-scale production to get your products to market fast.

"Providing an unparalleled service experience to our customers"