Our 55,000 square foot facility, slated for completion April 2021, is conveniently located within a jurisdiction with 0% manufacturing tax. 

We were one of the first facilities in California to receive our annual Type 7 license and our team of experts receive the best continuous training and follow the strictest SOP's to ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us as well as preserve the quality and cleanliness of the products produced.  We currently offer Ethanol, Hydrocarbon and Rosin Press extraction methods and will offer Co2 when our permanent facility is complete.

Custom Laboratory & Manufacturing Services | CA

Our facility is designed with workflow and operational efficiencies in mind to keep your COGs as low as possible. Our lab utilizes cutting edge technology to create innovative solutions for our clients. Located in Southern California, we average 350 days of sun per year which is captured in our adjacent greenhouse cultivation and converted into energy using solar to help offset our energy consumption

"Cutting edge technology to create innovative solutions"